Menios t-shirt

Menios t-shirt

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Our Blue White t-shirt, a tribute to our beloved donkey.

This t-shirt is a tribute to Menios, a mule living on the eastern part of Sifnos Island. Unlike most other mules, he has never been used for riding or for carrying heavy loads in panniers. For as long as we can remember, Menios has been moving freely in a private property of more than 500 square meters, grazing in the sun and occasionally enjoying the company of children feeding him watermelon, which is by far his favorite munchy food. Menios with his deep brown eyes has turned into a legend, paving the way for more free-spirited mules to follow.

The Blue White donkeys sweatshirt:

    • 100% organic blended cotton
    • Hand silk screen printed
    • Denim colour
    • Regular fit
    • Machine wash