Our Story

‘Blue White’ was buzzing around Alexandra’s mind while she was still living and working in Paris, filled with Greek summer nostalgia. But only after she came back to Greece, did she actually decide to make it happen. So, Blue White was finally founded in 2015, on a sunny April day.
Blue White features limited edition handcrafted clothing and home décor objects to help you hold on to that summer feeling all year long. Its home base is in Athens, but often travels to scenic places across Greece, such as Sounio, Kythira and Sifnos to draw real-life inspiration for its collection. 


Handmade in Greece

With a focus on small but high-quality production, we work closely with a close-knit team of four that share the same mindset. Pleasing to the eye, caring for the environment, Blue White products are made in Greece from the finest natural fibers that are raised on local farms. Because apparently Blue White has a thing for Green (and Greece).