Our team comprises of collaborators who have been with The Blue White since day one. No matter the distance and the age gap between them – more than 300 km and 30 years – they all have two things in common: they live under the same blue sky and share the same high quality standards. Each Blue White friend’s contribution has helped bring about the blue-whiteness in us, and this very section of our website is our way of saying ‘thank you’ to them. 


Mrs Assimina 

Mrs Assimina is the ‘sewing hands’ of The Blue White products. She lives in a small village in mainland Greece, with her children and grandchildren. Her sewing is flawless, time after time. We are so happy to have ‘fallen into her hands’.



‘Loupes’ is a screen-printing studio in the center of Athens, founded by Lena and Marina. Luck brought us together about 4 years ago and together we shall continue to make sure each silkscreen hand-printed Blue White item will live up to your expectations. Because when it comes to work, Loupes girls leave nothing to luck.