Simos tote bag
Simos tote bag
Simos tote bag


Simos tote bag

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This tote bag is handprinted with silkscreen in the center of Athens. It is  handmade out of sustainable cotton fabric made in Greece. 

    • 100% organic greek cotton
    • Hand silk screen printed
    • Denim colour
    • Machine wash
    • Dimensions: 42 x 40 cm

‘Simos’ is the first fish anyone has ever caught with their bare hands, or at least that was what we wanted to believe. That day, Simos was swimming in the shallow waters of a secluded beach in Sikinos. He would come and bite us; a sort of game for him I guess - and then disappear again in the blink of an eye. It made us want to catch him but it seemed almost impossible. We played like that for hours, and suddenly out of the blue Ioanna somehow managed to scoop him up in a quick hand motion. We carried him out of the water cheering with excitement and dropped him in a bucket filled with seawater. Minutes later that all seemed wrong; playing with him in the water was way more fun. We ran and dropped him back into the sea.  Simos was our friend and meant to live free.